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Zeotec is a national source for a wide variety of adsorbents, desiccant and related products. Zeotec can solve your problems related to moisture, mold and undesirable impurities in the field of Air/Gas separation and drying, Aerosols, Insulated Glass, Refrigerant & Solvent Drying, Personal Care, Polyurethane coating sealant & adhesives, Food / Beverage and Pharmaceutical packaging, Edible oils, Aquaculture and Animal feed supplements. Zeotec's specialty adsorbents business group has an experienced technical service staff including experts from respective fields, who are ready to assist you.

Zeo Tech Adsorbents Private Limited

Address: 187, Ground Floor, Hari Nagar Ashram Mathura Road-New Delhi Postal Code: 110 014 Website: http://www.zeotec.co.in

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